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Adventurer's package

Take a hot air balloon adventure above the clouds with Sky Trek!

A balloon flight is an extraordinary experience, the hot air balloon is the oldest aircraft in history and it is an alarm clock of ones sense of adventure.

Package was created for those adventurers who were born with a sense of adventure...


The Adventurers package was developed for birthdays, anniversaries or just for people who wish to have an unforgettable adventure in a balloon...


In this package, you will get a wealth of interesting and adventurous additions to your flight.


Adventurers flight package - Skytrek


Adventurer's package - Everything you wanted to know:

• View the balloon during inflation.

• Single card / double first class Sky Trek flight tickets

• transportation in a luxury air conditioned vehicle.

• The opening ceremony of a traditional bottle of champagne after landing.

• full and rich treats table at the landing field (for adults and children).

• Flight Certificates for our passengers.

• A developed and framed panoramic photo of you from your flight!

• Map of hiking trails in the Jezreel Valley.

• T-shirt of the Sky Trek branded balloons.