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About Skytrek

Sky Trek Hot Air Balloons – a journey with the wind in Israel!

Discover the holy land from an exciting new angle!

Sky Trek Hot Air Balloon ride's is Israel's most incredible and exiting attraction! We provide you with the most personal, indulging and authentic hot air balloon experience in Israel's most beautiful landscapes!


Join us and see Israel's Sea of Galilee, the city of Nazareth, mount. Gilboa, the kingdom of Jordan and more.. All from our beautiful balloon gondola!


We promise you a devoted and caring treatment without compromise starting with your phone call scheduling the balloon flight all the way to the open field landing and our full outdoor country breakfast.


Our reputation as well known for its excellent client service without compromising, The best equipment in the world and endless love for giving the wonderful gift of flight in a hot air balloon! 

The Sky Is Not The Limit!

       Enjoy countless activities and hot air balloon flight packages with Sky Trek!

-        Champagne free flights over various areas in Israel for couples, families and groups.

-        Tethered flights for a company outing and team building

-        Tethered flights for birthdays and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

-        Romantic Flights

-        Advertizing and sales promotion flights


Only with Sky trek hot air balloon rides you will find A 100% gurantty satisfaction promise together with the promise to see Israel from a completely new angle...


Contact us today and we will help you to book your amazing hot air balloon adventure in your next trip to Israel!


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