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Meet Skytrek's team

Time to meet the Sky Trek team: 


Amir Shemer - Skytrek     


Amir Shemer - CEO and chief pilot


Amir is the Sky Trek vision man, after years of flying in the most beautiful places in the world and thousands of flight hours you are guaranteed an experience you will never forget... Every flight with Amir is like a show not to be missed... You will encounter with a person that it is absolutely clear that he loves what he does and gives 100% of himself so you will have the most unique experience ever. Amir is also the director of maintenance at the Sky Trek hot air balloons.


 Alon Man - Skytrek






Lior Shemer - Skytrek




Chen Ariely - Skytrek








Rachel Tavakuli - Skytrek






Asaf Liani - Skytrek



Alon Man - Pilot


Alon is the "Red Pilot" (He is just red headed), Alon have made dreams of thousands of people come true and he have exceptional flying experience. When you meet him in the launch field you will probably fall in love with him immediately and want to take him home with you after the flight. 



Lior Shemer - Maintenance Manager


The respectable Elder, a former air force pilot and Amir's proud father... Lior established Sky Trek with Amir and manages the entire aircrafts maintenance program... With him on board, you can be sure our aircrafts are maintained at the highest level.



Chen Ariely - Director of Customer Service


Chen manages the customer service of Sky Trek for years... If there is a person who knows the importance of good customer service it is her. From the time you will hear her voice in your first phone conversation with us you will surly feel that you are in good hands.. Chen will do everything to help you plan the perfect experience.



Rachel Tavakuli – business clientele


If you are a business customer, you are going to know Rachel... Rachel has a bucket of overflowing experience organizing corporate events... Most likely you will become friends from your first conversation. Rachel plans seminars, corporate events and fun days perfectly, and will help you make the perfect event you will never forget.



Asaf Liani - Ground crews manager


Asaf is the man who takes care of you from the ground... While you fly through the air he and the rest of our ground crew takes care of our ground equipment, jeeps and more. Our ground crew will make his best to serve you with lots of smiles!

When you're in the air – it is good to know that Asaf and the crew are watching you from the ground.


The crew behind the crew:

Beyond the our team above, Sky trek has lots of ground crew employees, events managers, abseiling instructors and safari guides who all have the same goal: to do what they love and share with others their love for the profession... We can assure you that you are in good hands!