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Sky trek business

Custom Flight Packages for businesses and companies – give your employees the sky as a gift!

If you are a business owner or marketing directors looking to "give your employees the gift of flight" on the formulation of experience they will never forget, you have come to the right place...

Balloon flight experience in private and corporate events - lifting your business to new heights!


We at Sky Trek Balloons are in the business of fulfilling dreams for many years...

We have learned that every customer is unique and have his special needs and unique desires...


Therefore, for each customer, we construct a special balloon flight experience appropriate to him, also in terms of complementary experiences we offer after the flight.


This approach allows us to give our customers a choice of unlimited hot air balloon activities which combined with our client thoughts we can help you fulfill your vision and will be a worthy partners on your way to a really successful celebration...


With the experience of many years of producing events and happenings, our team will be happy to advise and build with you a day of the most incredible experiences your employees ever had!


Starting with small groups flights and up to flight activities for big groups (300 passengers and more!), we will provide you the perfect flight in the air, continue to luxurious nature Buffet breakfast, quality champagne ceremony, jeep tours and self-drive electric off-road vehicles! these are just part of all the original and exciting activities that we can provide you to create the perfect day for you!


Hot air balloon for business - Skytrek

Join our thousands of satisfied customers

We put the emphasis on giving - we give you the best there is in professionalism, equipment, experience, good atmosphere associated particularly with leaving a sweet and pleasant memory that will accompany you throughout life.

We understand the value of quality and uncompromising service, this is probably the main reason our customers choose to return to us again and again... Want a recommendation from one of our customers? Just ask...


Check out more hot air balloon options for your business:


- Gift vouchers for outstanding employees - an unusual and considers gift for an outstanding employee!

- Seminars and fun days for business and companies - not another standard formulation for another day, give employees an experience they will never forget - a hot air balloon flight!

- Night Glow show for spectacular private events – an incredible show of light and fire from Sky Trek balloons.

- Advertising and sales promotion by the use of hot-air balloons - add an unprecedented dimension of experiential marketing system of each product, the hot air balloon is the largest billboard and the world!

-  Huge groups observation flights - balloon flight experience to many participants - up to 300 passengers!

- Sky Trek hot air Balloon Festival – A hot air balloon Festival sounds interesting? Sky Trek will produce it for you..Great for cities, community's and branding.