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Frequently asked questions

Check in

What should I wear for my hot air balloon flight?

The clothing recommended of course varies while the seasons change. Even the early summer mornings tend to be a bit chilly, therefore we recommend bringing an extra layer (the onion method).


It is not much colder during the flight than it is on the ground before taking off.


The Sky Trek team strongly recommends bringing comfortable shoes such as hiking shoes, tennis shoes, etc. (It gets a bit tricky entering the basket with high heels).


Is the hot air balloon experience suitable for children?

We usually keep the age limit between 6 and 96. It is possible to accompany a younger child if his head reaches the edge of the basket and he can enjoy the view with the rest of us.


Can a friend or family member join us for breakfast?

Sure thing! Our indulging breakfast takes place after the flight and is a wonderful experience in itself. Just make sure to notify us in advance regarding how many people will join for breakfast and leave all the planning to us. 

Up In The Air

How long will we be flying?

As a rule of thumb, a hot air balloon lasts approximately an hour of traveling with the wind. That said, it is hard to determine the exact length of a flight, which is highly dependent on the weather during the day of the flight. Of course we prefer that you will have a long and enjoyable flight as much as possible and there are many occasions that the flight is longer than planned.


The entire experience is much longer than an hour. In fact it starts with the moment you meet our professional team at the launch site and lasts until the last drop of champagne is sipped during our indulging breakfast. A total of about 4 hours.


When do we fly?

In order to enjoy a hot air balloon flight to its fullest, we need stable weather and calm winds. The best time to achieve this is in the early morning hours, after sunrise.

We will meet you right before dawn (the exact hour varies while the seasons change) at our launch site, we will absorb the morning scents, sip hot green tea and rise with the sun to the sky.

In the winter time, when the air is stable, there is also an option to join a beautiful sunset flight.


What days do we operate?

At Sky Trek we are prepared to fly 24/7 (weather permitting), so basically anytime you choose: weekdays, weekends or holidays - we can take you to the sky.

Is there a preferred season to fly a hot air balloon?

Every flight in our beautiful country’s sky is unique, and every season holds it's magic.

In the winter and spring the visibility is wonderful and beautiful colors appear from every direction, and in the summer the mornings are pleasant, the sky is clear and you can view the farmers working their fields.

That being the case, the best season to fly a hot air balloon is- all year round! Simply decide when you feel like flying.

The Fine Print

what happens when weather conditions are not suitable for flying?

The most important thing for us is to ensure that your flight will take place in the optimal conditions, in order to provide you with a perfect and safe experience.


In case the pilot and the Sky Trek Team decide at any time that the weather conditions are not appropriate for a wonderful and safe flight, the flight won’t take place.

It is very rare that the balloon is ready for take-off at the field and the weather takes a sudden change to a point where it is not possible to take off.
Of course in an event of poor weather and a flight cancellation, we will set you with a new date, of your choice (rain check).
A hot air balloon is an extraordinary experience; therefore waiting for the “perfect morning” is worth any delay.


How safe is the flight in the hot air balloon?

A hot air balloon is the safest form of aviation and we fly only when the conditions are perfect.


In order to assure a calm and safe flight:

- At Sky Trek we operate according to the strictest safety regulations.
- Our hot air balloons are maintained in the highest levels using the authorized maintenance shops.
- Our pilots hold a commercial hot air balloon pilot license granted by the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and are highly experienced.
- Every flight is supported by our skilled ground crew. They will be the ones watching, following and taking care of us from below.

Did we miss anything?

We will be happy to answer any question while you are flying.


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