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Hot air ballon flight

A hot air balloon ride in Israel - Giving the sky as a gift!

We will meet early in the morning and experience the inflating of the balloon. Spectacular sight!


As soon as the sun rises we will take of and start our journey with the wind over the beautiful view of the holly land.


After our beautiful flight we will open an excellent and cold champagne bottle as part of an international hot air balloon tradition and hear the story about the Montgolfier Brothers and how they invented the hot air balloon.


After the flight and the traditional ceremony we will enjoy an indulging outdoor picnic in the beautiful natural scenery, which includes a rich and tasteful breakfast with a unique atmosphere and flavor.


Hot air ballon flight - Skytrek

Everything You Want To Know

- Warm and friendly welcoming including hot drinks and baked goods.

- First row seat watching the spectacular and unique hot air balloon inflation.

- Flight to the sky including an instruction about the area below.

- Traditional champagne bottle opening after the flight.

- Israeli Picnic in nature – a rich and tasteful breakfast with a unique menu at the landing site.

- Jeep tour through beautiful landscape on the way back to your personal vehicles.

- Elegant flight certificates.

- A unique souvenir package for every passenger. 


For a unique once in a life time experience in your trip to Israel – Skytrek Is Here For You! 

All That's Left To Do Is To Talk To Us

Our team will be happy to share with you and explain the process of the family, friends or groups hot air balloon trip For additional details please call us or just fill your details in the contact box...