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Family flight package

The Sky Trek family flight package - quality family time above the clouds!

What is more important than our family? Those closest to us.. And how good it is to make them happy?


Nowadays we find ourselves so busy with work and our daily life and we not always find the time to turn to the family...


If you came this far you probably have a really good idea of ??quality time with your family because we have prepared the perfect flight package for you!


Flight for the whole family - Skytrek

Israel's best attraction – a hot air balloon flight with the whole family!


As part of our family's flight package you will get a day of unforgettable experiences, you can participate in the experience of the inflation of the balloon as a team, take a hot air balloon flight and conquer the skies above the spectacular views of the Jezreel Valley, luxurious breakfast eaten together and go on a jeep safari to take us back to the launch site through devious ways...


Family flight Package - all you wanted to know:

• View the balloon during insertion and participation blown.

• First class tickets for the whole family.

• transportation in a luxury air conditioned vehicle.

• The opening ceremony of a traditional bottle of champagne after landing.

• full and rich treats table at the landing field (for adults and children).

• Flight Certificates for our passengers.

• A developed and framed panoramic photo of you from your flight!

• Professional video of your family experience!