Our Sky trek Balloons fleet

It’s time for you to get to know our stars team … the balloons themselves!

Sky Trek Balloons operates the largest and most modern balloon fleet in Israel and can offer activities ranging from a single balloon to a large number of balloons together!

In addition, we operate unmanned aerial vehicles for advertising and photography purposes throughout the year.

What is so special about our balloons?

• These balloons are the newest and most luxurious balloons in Israel, with particularly prestigious finish levels and exceptional specifications created especially for us and for the benefit of our customer experience.

• The passenger baskets of our balloons are pampered on several levels from any other basket on the market and you are going to go through a five star flying experience like you have never experienced before!

• In each of our baskets you will find binoculars for viewing the landscape during the flight, audio system that plays pleasant music during the flight, blankets and hats for each passenger, soap bubbles (trust us, this is one of the highlights in flight), HD cameras where pilots photograph passengers during the flight and more! All for the use of our passengers

Our balloons are maintained to the highest standards in the field of ballooning. The concern for safety is above all and this is reflected in the quality of the professional equipment, the aviation safety level of the balloons and the  maintenance of the Sky Trek balloons aircrafts.

Technical information about our balloons

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