Sky Trek hot air balloons!

Ladies and gentleman hold on to your seats!

You have just landed on Israel’s most original hot air balloon ride and probably what will soon become the best thing you ever did in Israel and that is pretty much a promise from us to you.

If you are looking for a truly different experience – Stay tuned.

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Israel most professional team

The Sky trek balloon pilot team is the largest and most professional in Israel. All of our pilots are a combination of super pro’s individuals with a super charming character.

Our equipment

The Sky trek fleet of balloons is by far the most advanced in our country. New balloons, high specs baskets and everything you need for a safe and shiny experience.

Our service

The true magic in Sky trek is the service. You are about to meet a group of amazing individuals with one purpose, to give you the best time you had in your life!

The perfect gift (Seriously)

The best gift you can ever give is actually an experience!

Shared experiences are forever.

Buy a Gift voucher for your true loved ones and get priceless memories!

Help Children fly!

Did you know that when you support Sky trek by choosing to fly with us you also support children who come from a poor families.

We believe that children must learn to dream big, and so, with every 10 flights we sell we give one flight to children that their families cannot afford buying a flight ticket.

We work with different organizations that support our lovely project…

So when you fly with us, you actually did something nice for some kid who will now know he can dream big!

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