our northern territory

Our valley is a dream - the most beautiful place to fly a hot air balloon in Israel - Gilboa!

Even though you can find us flying around the country, everyone has a home .. We want to tell you about our home:

“The most recommended flight in Israel” – Jezreel Valley and Mount Gilboa – A balloon paradise.

Our main flight area is between Mount Gilboa and Mount Tabor in the Jezreel Valley.

Just one hour away from the crowded center of Israel you will find a magical valley full of green, rare wildlife, fascinating history and boundless nature. At a high altitude from the balloon basket you can see Mount Hermon and its snow-capped peak, the Mount Carmel and Haifa mountains, and in the east you can see the mountains of Gilad, the Kingdom of Jordan and the Jordan Valley.

Fly with us in the private playground of our balloons all seasons! You are guaranteed an experience you will not forget… Recommended throughout all days and seasons.

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