The Sky Trek VIP Private Flight Package!

In this one, you get a Sky trek hot air balloons that is all yours in a completely private flight! The peak of exclusivity and prestige

First of all, just so you know, 95% of our customers and in general, the people who fly in Hot air balloons around the world join a large basket flight as part of our standard flights.

But… Some people need their privacy! So just for you guys, we decided to offer a unique and exclusive Sky Trek service to those of you who are interested.

A Private flight in a luxurious hot air balloon for two!

In this one, you get a Sky trek hot air balloons that is all yours in a completely private flight! The peak of exclusivity and prestige.

Highly recommended for marriage proposals and for people looking for an exclusive and completely private experience.

So, how does it work???

1. Arrive with your loved one in the morning to our magical Sky Trek Balloons launch site and receive your  “Private Balloon boarding pass”.

2. Meet your amazing world class crew and pilot who will fix you up with a comprehensive and professional safety briefing.

3. Enjoy this beautiful morning in a luxurious reception in nature with all kinds of hot drinks, homemade cookies, cakes and even the best chocolate in Israel.

4. Watch the inflation process of your giant Sky trek private balloon and even enter the inflated balloon to get your photographs! (Exclusive to Sky Trek Balloons!) Don’t forget to upload a balloon inflating story and tag us!

5. Enter the magnificent wicker basket of your hot air balloon and feel your heart expands as the pilot heats up the balloon with the help of the burners.

6. Take off at sunrise with the most unique aircraft in the world to the most amazing private experience on a flight that will last about an hour and even longer in which we will reach an altitude of 6,000 feet  together(do not forget to bring a box to pick up some clouds!)

7.We love music!  During the flight, the audio system installed in each of our Sky trek balloons plays pleasant music that enhances the experience.

8. Also, during the flight, the pilot will photograph you with an HD extreme camera or a Vintage Polaroid camera! Later you will even receive the photos as a gift from us!

9. Throughout the flight you will enjoy our exclusive service, hats and blankets for passengers, professional binoculars to observe the amazing view and even soap bubbles! (You do not understand how much fun it is to blow soap bubbles from a balloon :) )

10. After a soft landing, our team will set up a “Nature chill area” for you with mats and chairs and you will enjoy a pampering refreshment table with natural local juices and breakfast snacks.

11. Time for some tradition! Your pilot will now tell you a short story about the amazing ballooning history and will take you through the ceremony of our traditional champagne bottle opening!

12. Balloonists Drink together!  Drink a super high quality Israeli sparkling wine with the pilot in the field (in real crystal glasses! no compromises) and feel your adrenaline turn into dopamine

13. Get your free Sky trek souvenir package that includes a printed picture of you from your flight, a flight certificate and a special gift voucher for the next flight.

14. Board our VIP air-conditioned shuttle vehicles (exclusive with full travel insurance) that will take you with maximum comfort back to the launch site site and your private vehicles.

15. One final thing you get, on your way back to the hotel/ home you will look each other in the eyes and realize this was one of the most amazing experiences you have ever had together.

Optional “Extras”:

–  A professionally edited personal video that summarizes your experience with us.

–  Freshly backed birthday cake with personal dedication.

So what do you say? Sounds good? Very cool, we are here for you. :)

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