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Sky Trek Balloons operates balloon experience flights throughout the country. We invite you to the most amazing experience you will ever have!


We are located in the heart of the green Jezreel Valley in the north, at the foot of the mighty Gilboa Mountains and operate balloon experience flights mainly throughout the Jezreel Valley throughout the year. By your order, we are ready to operate balloon flights around the country, even if you fancy a balloon in the center!

Is there such a thing as a hot air balloon in the center?

Many times we are asked if it is possible to book a hot air balloon flight in the center, the answer is yes! (And not …).

In the State of Israel, according to the laws of the Ministry of Transportation and the Civil Aviation Authority, there are a number of areas where free flights can be operated by hot air balloon. These areas are the Jezreel Valley (our home), the northern Negev, Tel Arad and Nahal Tzin. Since the sky in the center of the country is very busy with the movement of civilian and military aircraft, it is not possible to operate free balloon flights in the center.

On the other hand, our observation flights can be operated anywhere in the country by appointment … even in the center!

The observation flight is an exceptional tasting experience suitable for many groups of participants, summer camps, businesses and more. The balloon is anchored to the ground with long anchor ropes and up and takes passengers down for an amazing experience flight over a 60-90 minute activity!


Ensure your journey now!

If you are still interested in booking a hot air balloon flight in the center, we suggest you consider the possibility of slightly changing the plans and booking a hot air balloon flight in the appropriate flight zones.

We will be happy to interest you in our variety of special balloon flight packages, help you determine a pampering B&B or guest room in the area and even find a babysitter for you! (Just, except for the babysitter, this is already your job …)

So until you can fly a hot air balloon in the center, we invite you to take some time off from the stressful center and pamper yourself with an extraordinary experience with Sky Trek hot air balloons.

Want to hear more or book a flight? Call now or leave your details and our customer service representatives will be happy to advise you and arrange a hot air balloon flight for you, an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime!

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