Flight sites in the Negev

A. Northern Negev – Ruhama nature Reserve!

Just before the Negev turns into a desert, a little north of Be’er Sheva, you will find the Ruhama nature Reserve, which in winter is the closest thing to Tuscany we have in Israel. The reserve is adjacent to Kibbutz Ruhama where we meet up in the morning of the flight. A hot air balloon flight over Ruhama nature Reserve is recommended especially in the winter months (November – February).

B. Sde Boker – Ashalim – The Wild Desert!

A hot air balloon flight in the atmosphere of the Wild West! The primeval desert landscape of the Boker ridge will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey in a very special atmosphere. Especially recommended for desert enthusiasts, tourists from abroad who want to be exposed to our unique Negev landscape and for those who want to take a hot air balloon over a slightly different view.

Recommended throughout all days and seasons.

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